Thank you for being so patient on this! I know I said at Curriculum Night that I would get this done sooner than later, but...well it's ready now! There is a link and log-in instructions on our links page, and also below.  In the past, parents have found this resource valuable for understanding how concepts are being taught in class, and to help their students correct or finish math assignments. 

Envision Login:
username: 0+six digit library/lunch code
password:  opstad22

I have just added a page to our website that should help you understand what has been turned in by your student and what still needs to be done.  We have a chart at the front of our classroom, and I will add a picture of it each Friday.  

Assignment Checklist link

Hope this helps!

Also, this week we are seeing the last pieces of what will be homework this year. The kids have seen the spelling packet, science packet and reading log. This week the kids will try IXL skills and blogs.  In addition, several students have work to finish or correct from in class.  
This week we have spent some time in the lab creating websites. It truly is one of my favorite things. The kids are so excited to see their website live.  Today we added a blog page, and the kids had an opportunity to tell about something that they have liked about school so far.  There weren't other parameters other than that (as you can see!).  Starting next week they will be using their blog to respond to a question. For those assignments, there will be some parameters including capitals and spelling and all that good stuff.  Under the links tab on our website is a page with all of their sites linked. They are password protected, and the password is the same as everything else.

We had a good discussion about Internet safety, and how to behave online.   Also, just so you know, the password protection means that their sites aren't searchable and others can't gain access without the password.  I also created their website addresses so they aren't identifiable as a certain person.  I told the kids that before they gave their password out to anyone, they needed to discuss it at home.   Feel free to share with grandparents or other family that would like to view your child's work.  The blog section is a great discussion piece, and I hope you'll check out your child's blog and comment!




IXL will be a part of our weekly homework as soon as the accounts are up and running.  Our school account is now a district account, and there has been some glitches with that. If you were at Opstad last year, you can use your same log-ins and get going. I would suggest:

A.1, A.3, A.6

If you are a new student this year, unfortunately not all of those accounts are active. I'm hoping that happens soon!
Camp photos are up! From the photo page, click Camp Seymour. If you don't remember the password, email me (it's the same password for the entire site).

There's a new page on our website that I think will probably help out a little at home -- an assignment calendar. It's my hope that your kids will write in their own assignment calendars instead of relying on this one but this will be a good way to check if what you're seeing at home is accurate. If you check your student's assignment calendar and they don't have the same things written down, please have them take the time to do that at home.

Those are two items that usually don't go together! Ha!  Camp was amazing -- I hope your kiddos had as much fun as I did.  One of my favorite things was watching many of them try new things -- rock climbing, different foods, squid dissection, staying overnight away from home, making new friends... The list goes on!  I am so proud of them!  This weekend I will put some photos on the website so you have some pictures to go with the stories you are hearing.  Here's one for a teaser. Isn't it gorgeous?
And on to the homework...  I had intended to send some homework home today (Thursday), but the copier was on the fritz. If the copier is up and running, expect a science packet due back at school on Thursday.  It is science content, but has a lot of reading. Please check the homework with your student. It will be corrected at school, but it's a better learning moment for them to get immediate feedback.  

Have a great weekend!
It was great to see so many of you at Curriculum Night! For those of you who weren't able to attend, I will get documents online after we get back from camp. I had intended to complete that task this weekend, but time got away from me.  

We're off to camp in the morning, and it's going to be great!  Please remember that your kiddo needs a ride home on Wednesday around 1:15.  Next week I will get some photos up so you can see some images to go with the great stories your kids will have to tell!
We are off to an amazing start! I had a great week last week and am excited about this second week of school!  As fun as it is getting back to school, it is hard (at least for me!).  I'm assuming that might be true in some of your houses, so we are going to ease back in to homework.  This first week students will be bringing home a spelling packet this week, with a test and the work due next Monday, 9/10.  We did a pre-test last week in class last week which helped me place kids on one of 3 lists.  Since we are in different places as a class, it will be important for you to help your kids study; they will need to know the spelling as well as the meaning.  All their words are in Spelling City if they would like to practice online (make sure your student picks the correct list!).  In the weeks that follow we will add reading, math and science to the mix!