Those are two items that usually don't go together! Ha!  Camp was amazing -- I hope your kiddos had as much fun as I did.  One of my favorite things was watching many of them try new things -- rock climbing, different foods, squid dissection, staying overnight away from home, making new friends... The list goes on!  I am so proud of them!  This weekend I will put some photos on the website so you have some pictures to go with the stories you are hearing.  Here's one for a teaser. Isn't it gorgeous?
And on to the homework...  I had intended to send some homework home today (Thursday), but the copier was on the fritz. If the copier is up and running, expect a science packet due back at school on Thursday.  It is science content, but has a lot of reading. Please check the homework with your student. It will be corrected at school, but it's a better learning moment for them to get immediate feedback.  

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie Sprouse
09/21/2012 11:12am

Thank you for posting! By all accounts from Calvin it was the BEST EVER Camp!

09/23/2012 5:46pm

I'm so glad to hear that! I had an amazing time too. :)


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