This week we have spent some time in the lab creating websites. It truly is one of my favorite things. The kids are so excited to see their website live.  Today we added a blog page, and the kids had an opportunity to tell about something that they have liked about school so far.  There weren't other parameters other than that (as you can see!).  Starting next week they will be using their blog to respond to a question. For those assignments, there will be some parameters including capitals and spelling and all that good stuff.  Under the links tab on our website is a page with all of their sites linked. They are password protected, and the password is the same as everything else.

We had a good discussion about Internet safety, and how to behave online.   Also, just so you know, the password protection means that their sites aren't searchable and others can't gain access without the password.  I also created their website addresses so they aren't identifiable as a certain person.  I told the kids that before they gave their password out to anyone, they needed to discuss it at home.   Feel free to share with grandparents or other family that would like to view your child's work.  The blog section is a great discussion piece, and I hope you'll check out your child's blog and comment!

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