We are off to an amazing start! I had a great week last week and am excited about this second week of school!  As fun as it is getting back to school, it is hard (at least for me!).  I'm assuming that might be true in some of your houses, so we are going to ease back in to homework.  This first week students will be bringing home a spelling packet this week, with a test and the work due next Monday, 9/10.  We did a pre-test last week in class last week which helped me place kids on one of 3 lists.  Since we are in different places as a class, it will be important for you to help your kids study; they will need to know the spelling as well as the meaning.  All their words are in Spelling City if they would like to practice online (make sure your student picks the correct list!).  In the weeks that follow we will add reading, math and science to the mix!

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