This year's MSP schedule is coming home with students today.   Here is the schedule for our class:

Monday, April 29  Reading
Thursday, May 9  Math
Wednesday, May 15 Science

Make-ups are possible, but complicated.  If at all possible, please make sure your students are here on testing days.  Also, kids in a good breakfast and a nutritous lunch.  Our tests will be after lunch, so the first two meals are extremely important.

The other thing that's important is our collective attitudes about the test. I know some of you are excited to see how your child progresses on these tests each year, and others don't put a lot of stock in them. As a school we are trying to be positive with the kids and look at the testing as a great opportunity to see what they learned.   Attitude makes a difference on these things, so all of the "You can do it!" messages are greatly appreciated!!

In previous years we have arranged to have snacks brought in, but things will work differently this year because we are testing, mostly, in the computer lab. I thought instead of daily snacks we might have a small celebration party at the end of testing -- more details to follow.




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