The IXL for this week is H10, which is dividing by 2 digits.  This is something that we won't cover in class until Tuesday/Wednesday. While the process is the same as dividing by 2 digits, it will be easier for most students to tackle after classroom instruction. Also, this skill is one that does get much harder as students progress towards mastery which is why there is one skill instead of two.   This will probably require at least an hour of time, and most likely more in most cases.  Usually I require students to have mastery of the skill to get credit, but this week I will be looking at time spent as well as mastery level. If your student has spent well over an hour and still isn't at mastery I will still give them credit for the week. Don't let them get too frustrated! My recommendation for IXL is always to spread it over a few days instead of all at one chunk.  That helps ease frustration and also helps set up good study habits for the future.

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