Today was the day the kids have been waiting for...We made our websites!!!  I love it when they cheer when I tell them what we're doing for the day. :)  We worked for a little over an hour on getting websites up and running.  The thing we have talked about the most is making sure that anything on their websites is school appropriate -- language and pictures. I told them that they should be able to show Mr. Jester anything on their site (I think that's a good barometer!).  This week they will be doing their weekly blog on their website. I hope you will put your child's website in your favorites and check it often.  You will be able to add comments to their blogs, and check out work we are doing in their portfolio page (there is a matter collage up right now).    As your kids are working on their websites at home, it would be great if you could help me with a few things:  positive comments only, no links on their pages, and no music.  The no links may not make perfect sense, so let me tell you my thinking on that. Ultimately I'm responsible for their websites, and I don't have the time to check all the sites they want to link to make sure they are all okay for school.  Same with music -- I concede that I'm not "hip" when it comes to music and I would have to research that as well.  Have fun looking at their sites!
Student Websites

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