I hope you heard some wonderful tales about camp. It is always my favorite event of the year, and I think it's possible that the kids have even more fun than I do!  This year we had some great high school counselors that really made the experience fun for the kids, and helped us teachers get a little more sleep (okay, not that much more...). 

In a quick poll on Friday I found that the general consensus was that Reptiles was the favorite class.   The staff really does a great job on the education part of the class, and then there is the favorite part of interacting with and holding the reptiles.  I took some great pictures, but as many of the kids pointed out, did not touch one of the animals!  Check out photos under the "Photos" tab.

Other classes kids participated in were: canoeing, marine biology, cooperative learning, orienteering and squid dissection.  I think I can still smell the squid dissection room... 

Other favorite activities were the Night Hike, Skit Night (oh, how I laughed!), Rec Time (archery, canoeing, rock wall, reptiles...), Cabin Time and so much more!

The wonderful thing about camp is that I get to see your kids outside of the classroom. It is fun to interact with them in a less structured way and see their real personalities. You have great kids (and I'm not just saying that!).  I hope they have all gotten caught up on sleep for the coming week -- I'm close!  :)  

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