One of the great resources in our classroom this year is our Scholastic subscription to the Storyworks magazine.  It has amazing stories in it every month. The story we have been reading this week is in honor of the one year anniversary of the Japan tsunami. The article featured a junior high school in Kamaishi that had been practicing tsunami drills prior to the March 11th disaster. Apparently their town was destroyed in both the 1896 and 1933 tsunamis, and they realized it could happen again. Because of their preparedness everyone in the school survived, and they helped rescue students at a nearby elementary. Of course my heart just catches remembering the images and stories of last year.  

Scholastic provided an opportunity to write letters to an English class at the junior high. I just finished typing the letters that your kids wrote.  They were great. I gave very few directions, and it was so special to see their compassion come through in their letters. I spend a good portion of my day reminding students how to talk and what is appropriate to say and redirection is always good to see that behind typical 5th grade madness is genuine humanness and kindness. :)

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