Acrostic Poem


This week will be like last week. Respond to the question below on your own website. Make sure you are logging in and creating a new post, rather than using the comment box to add your blog. Remember to create a title that matches your post!

Task: Create an acrostic poem for one of the following words:  Autumn, Halloween, October, Pumpkin or Election.  A great acrostic poem uses not just words, but phrases to convey your ideas.  Your poem should have something to do with the word you started with. 

Example for "September": 

Summer escapes
Ever so slowly
Preparing the way for Fall.
Teachers get ready for
Each and every 
Member of their classes.
Backpacks are full
Every morning
Ready for school!

Normal "rules" apply:
**use school appropriate language**use correct spelling
**include capitals and periods
**there is no word count for this entry -- be creative!

Due Friday, 11/2 by 2pm.

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