If you could be any animal in the world (yes, a real animal) what would you be, and why? Tell what animal you would choose and explain at least two reasons why you would like to be this animal. 

Remember to write at least 50 words, include capitals and periods, and use your screen name for your posting.

Your response is due by Thursday night, 9/16. 

09/11/2010 10:09

If i could be a animal i would be a tiger. I love there colors there shape and there size . That way my tipe of animal could be in the wild and in the zoo. I could rome around in the wild.
And i coulld be trained to be a friend to people. That would be fun. Plus there face is a beautiful. I just hope i don't get eaten.And they can also run fast. Well that is the animal i want to be.

09/11/2010 18:12

Well if I were any animal I would be a tiger. They are very fascinating creatures. One reason I would want to be a tiger is because of their beautiful fur. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur & no two tiger stripes are the same. Another reason I would be a tiger is because of their fierceness, roar and speed. Did you know that a tigers roar can be heard from two MILES away :O!

09/13/2010 16:11

I would like to be a Service Dog. I would like to be a Searvice Dog because,
I could pull a person's wheelchair, I could pick up stuff a person drops, I could also open and close door's. I could guide a person down the sidewalk, listen for sounds, or I could simply be someones friend. That is the animal I would like to be.

09/14/2010 16:10

If I could be any animal, I would be a toucan. One of the reasons is because it would be awesome to be able fly. I also think that they are very pretty. Their beak is always a pattern and their tongues are feathered. Weird, huh? They are also one of the noisiest birds in the world.You can hear their call from 1/2 a mile away.Those are some reasons that i would be a toucan if i could.

soccer scout
09/14/2010 21:15

If I were an animal I would like to be a bird. I would like to be a bird because I have always wanted to fly and they seem so graceful. I would also like to be a bird because I could just fly away from predators. That's why I would like to be a bird.

09/15/2010 17:13

If I could be an animal of my choice, I would be a bird or a cheetah. The reason why (for the bird) is because it would be so amazing to fly and be free, plus the acceluration is cool.The reason why for the cheetah is because it would be so awesome to run that fast and because cheetahs are so beautiful.And that is why I would want to be a bird or a cheetah.

09/15/2010 18:15

I would be a ferret, and then I could walk around the house exploring stuff. Like hiding behind the couth playing with a ball and playing with people going in the cupboard and the closet. Also getting pet. Also could play catch, I would play with a real cat! I could also cuddle with my owner!

09/15/2010 19:27

I would be a Lynx cat because I would have big paws up to thirteen inches long and I would be able to run quickly across the snow and be able to catch my prey easier than other animals. I would be able to see well in the dark because of the mirror cells in my eyes. Plus I would be a cat who loves to swim!

09/15/2010 19:28

I would want to be a chameleon. It would be very cool to change the colors of my skin. It would be awsome to climb trees and cliffs. I would also have a long tongue that could shoot out really fast,so I can catch insects to eat. I could also make my eyes look in opposite directions. I think it would be cool to have a tail. Chamelelons are the coolest animal in the rainforest.

09/15/2010 20:00

If I was an animal I would be a wolf. They are almost at the very top of the food chain. They are second at the top of the food chain. Wolves are 5 feet long from nose to tail and can climb very well, except for trees. Wolves can't climb trees. I would like to be a wolf because they are fast and can run up to 20 mph. some can even go up to 20 1/2 mph, but that is rare. Wolves are cool.

09/16/2010 13:24

If I could be any animal of my choice I would be a ferret. I would be a ferret because ferrets are cool little animals. But mainly because ferrets are stealthy and they just look cool. Ferrets also get lots of attention and they have huge cages. Plus my dad had a ferret and he said they were awesome.

09/16/2010 13:32

I would be a cougar because I would be fast and stronger than many other animals. I would have sleek fur, and big claws. I would outpower and outrun many other anumals even if they are twice as big, like oxen. That is why I would be a cougar.

09/16/2010 16:09

If I had the choice I would be a water tutle for a house pet. I would because they won't get killed by other animals exept cats. Also because you would have clean water and nice cool toys! And because you will get 3 meals a day so you don't have to hunt for your self. This is why I want to be a turtle.

09/16/2010 17:04

Miss Acton,
The animal I would choise would be a cheetah.
so I could be the fastest animal ever basically. The cheetah is so strong
it can take down a animal bigger than it's self and climb trees with it's prey.
The cheetahs' spots help the cheetah blend in.It can smell and hear
from a long distance.

09/16/2010 18:23

If I could be an animal I would be a chimpanzee(chimp of short). Chimps are very smart. They can make tools. They're basicly, besides the fur and they don't wear any clothes. Chimps have opposable thums just like we do. They swing vine to vine or branch to branch. All in all I think chimps are very cool.

09/16/2010 18:53

If I were an animal in the wild I would like to be a King Cobra snake. Being a snake would be cool because I would have a unique way of hunting. This way of hunting is to spit poison out of my mouth in to my victims eyes, mouth or nostrils. I also would like to be a King Cobra because they can blend into their natural habitat which I think is very cool. I would ward off predators by inflating the skin around my neck to look threating and hissing.

09/16/2010 19:32

If i were a animal i would choise would be a dog because i could run really fast and can jump high.I would also what to be a dog because they are very cuddly.you would also only have to sit or lay down for treats.All in all i would what to be a dog if i were a animal.

09/16/2010 20:31

If I could be any animal, I would be a dolphin. I want to be a dolphin becuase they are pretty, and they make nice sounds. They live in the sea and I love the sea. I love dolphins so much because they are very friendly with humans. That is what I would be if I were an animal.

09/16/2010 21:02

Dear Miss Acton,
I would really like to be a Bald Eagle. I could soar through the sky and see everything in my path. Salmon is my favorite fish and as and eagle I would eat it everyday. Bald eagles look really cool and are the symbol of our country. Since eagles are on the endangered species list everybody has to be nice to me.

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