Oaky, this one's just for fun. :) I thought some of you might be in the habit of checking the blog (yeah!!), so I'm posting a question.  If you're here, go ahead and post -- I can't wait to read your responses.  Just so you know though, this one won't be due. There will be another blog for the next Fun Friday.  

Question:  What is your favorite thing about walk-a-thon?

This one can be less than 50 words, but please write at least two sentences. No one word responses!!  :) Remember to use your screen name when you post.

Your response is due by Thursday, 10/7.

09/26/2010 09:19

For me, I don't have a favorite part. I personally don't like the walk-a-thon exept for the fact that I like to walk, and I like to help our school. I think a lot of kids run and push and shove, so I like the walking, but other than that, it's kind of boring. But oh well!

09/26/2010 10:22

Yeah, Jasmine!!! I didn't know if anyone would look at the website this weekend. I was so glad to see your name pop up. :)

My favorite part of the walk-a-thon is the actual walking part. I love that for one day, everybody in the school is out doing the exact same thing, for the exact same cause. I love seeing even the little kindergartners doing their best to get their laps in. I hope the weather is good this year!

09/26/2010 13:52

The walk-a-thon is fun because you get a lot of treats, but my favorite part is walking with my class and showing your school spirit. It's just fun walking and being silly with friends.

09/27/2010 17:40

I have no idea what I like best about the WAT. I like every thing about the WAT. I really like walking with my friends . I like all of the snacks they have there . I also like all of the fresh air . I really don't like being inside all day.

09/27/2010 18:36

Well I do love the food but what I hate is that it's always raining! and nomally it's sunny when it's over. also I have a friend in second grade but I never see her because she is on the little track.Thats it.

09/27/2010 20:34

My favorite fart of the walk-a-thon is walking and the yummy treats :) :) :) :) :) :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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