Here's the first blog of the year.  You will all have the opportunity to start your own posts, and respond to the posts of others. For our first topic, let's talk about summer. What says summer to you?  One thing that I love about summer is the fresh food that is available at Farmer's Markets and even our normal grocery stores. I love donut peaches (the small flat ones), avocados, watermelons, and lemonade.  I wait all year for these treats, and I know it is summer when I get to enjoy them! What says summer to you? Write your answer using at least 50 words. :) 

In order to respond, you'll need an email address, though it isn't published on the screen. Make sure and ask your family if it is okay to use yours or if you can borrow one of theirs. You also need to have a screen name.  We'll talk about screen names more in class, but for now pick something that isn't your actual name, but something that you can remember.  For instance, I might pick something like  pinksnowflake.  It doesn't reveal anything personal about me, but I will remember that it's mine because I like pink and snowflakes.  

08/30/2010 18:28

This summer i went to Donner Lake in California. We had a nice cabin that fit all three of our family's that stayed with us. Two of the family's were aunt,uncle and cousins. The other family was my grandma and grandpa.
One thing that was awesome was swimming in the lake and fishing and caching crawdads.We had a good crawdad pasta.I wish i could write more.
I hope you liked my summer.

08/30/2010 19:20

My favorite thing about summer is that it comes every year just like my birthday. For instance, this year we rented a waterslide and all of my cousins came and we went on the waterslide. Before my cousins got to the party we put balloons on the deck. Then we had cake and presents. My birthday was lots of fun.

08/30/2010 19:25

This summer I went to Alaska through Canada with my grandma and grandpa in their motorhome. We saw ravens, musk ox at a farm, a grizzly bear and her cub fishing in a river, a few black bears crossing the roads, lots of herds of buffalo, black tail deer and elk. We went to Cooper Landing, Alaska and I was a flower girl in my cousin's wedding! The towns were very far apart during our trip. There were lots of Amish towns that don't have gas stations and we almost ran out of gas! Good thing Grandpa had a gas can full of gas in the motorhome!! There sure are a lot of restaurants in Canada with dead stuffed animals in them!

08/30/2010 19:38

My answer is... Spending time with friends. I always have fun playing on the trampoline, sprinkler, and the swings. We sometimes go up in my room to see my hamster! Then we go in my hot tub that is what we normally do. That’s what summer means to me. + It means freedom!

08/30/2010 19:53

My summer was great. We went to Idaho. We went to this waterpark/amusement park called Silverwood. We go there almost every year. It is the best. There is a wavepool and waterslides that drop you into a giant pool. There is also a lazy river that you can float on again and again. In the amusement park, there are roller coasters, carnival games and food. When I go to Silverwood, I know it's summer because it's warm and sunny and really fun.

08/30/2010 20:01

Miss Acton,
I had a great summer indeed. The only problem was that in my neighborhood, I have no neighbors that are girls. Their all boys. And some are really annoying during the summer.Anyways, my dad bought a really good watermelon, and it was so scrumptious, it tasted like ambrosia in my mouth. The good thing for me is that I do have one neighbor that has three girls, and two of them are my friend. However, they don't live right next door to me, so their not within the walking distance that I'm allowed, but oh well. And we went to California to see the great redwoods, and the Oregon coast, where we walked along the beach and picked up seashells. I- sorry, my mom is telling me it's lights out, so it looks like I have to rap it up. So, all in all, I feel like I had a great summer.

08/30/2010 20:15

What does summer mean to me? Well to me it means warm sunny days at the beach, flying kites in the wind or you might even take a trip. To me Emotionally it means laughter and having good times. Unfortunately the weather in North Bend (King County)wasn't that great. So, why don't you tell us what do you think of summer?????

08/30/2010 20:35

Summer means to me...popsicles, bike riding, swimming, camping and playing Legos (always!) During the summer I love to read. Right now I am reading a book called Prophecies Fulfilled, by Davy DeGreeff. Summer also means to me...a break from daily torture (otherwise known in some cultures as "school")! Just kidding! I love summer, but I really do like school too.
Bye for now.

08/30/2010 20:43

Miss Acton,
My summer was great! First, I went to Rattlesnake Lake several times. The water level got lower every time I came. I swam to a big tree and jumped off it! Next, I went to Whidbey Island for a day. We went swimming, and stayed at a hotel. Then, we bought pizza. I went to Mariner games. I played baseball a lot! Finally, we went to a parade. I got TONS of candy! I also enjoyed the day-long festival. After that, we went and saw fireworks. The fireworks were on for a really long time! I feel like I had a great summer!

08/30/2010 20:56

my summer mostly means vacation and sleeping in and staying up late. this summer i went to DC for a week.we tried to go to as much places as possible :). we also went up to alberta (CAN) for a bit . there was lots of lazy days 2 . it was a good summer

08/30/2010 21:14

Miss Acton,

Summer to me is when school is out and I get to play with my friends. I no it is summer when the days get hotter and longer. I like riding my skateboard in the hot summer sun.I like Riding my bike to Rattlesnake Lake to go play in the cold water in hot days. One time I forgot my waterbottle when we left and I had to drink out of a creek.

The Builder
08/30/2010 21:27

Camping is what says summer to me. This summer my family and I went to Glacier National Park. We saw all sorts of wildlife and went whitewater rafting. As a bonus my friends and I got to ride our bikes everyday and had smores every night. While I was there I got seventeen bug bights. But it could have been worse, my mom got 27!

08/31/2010 08:23

Summer says that I am able to enjoy fresh food. It also means that I have time to spend with my friends. I also have time to go to my dad's job, which is the golf course, and hit balls and help him work on the greens.I really enjoy being able to sleep in and get a slow start to the day.

08/31/2010 16:23

My summer went a little something like this: swimming in my grandparents pool, going to Lake CleElum, playing with friends, went to day camps, camping at Denny Creek and relaxing. My favorite part of the summer had to be being a phony princess in the Princess and the Pea. I tried out on Monday morning with 50 other kids and then had rehearsals all week. On Saturday we performed for two sold out shows at the Whidbey Island Playhouse. And that's just a little bit about my summer!!! :)

08/31/2010 17:09

Summer means to me ripe fruits, hiking, biking, hanging out with friends, and much more! It's the best time of the year to go swimming. Great time to go camping. Summer is a perfect time to relax, sleep in, or stay up all night. Another way you can put summer is FUN!

08/31/2010 20:36

this summer i went to califorina and stayed at a five star resort. it was so fantasy.when i was in ca i got food poison and throw up 7 time.i aslo got a dog. named twlight.shes a black schnauzer.

red dawn
08/31/2010 20:55

I love the watermelons but what I really love is the trips Like this we drove through 10 states and only stayed in 4 states. everybody knows Summer is always awesome but when you have four kids stuck in car nothing good is gonna happens.

soccer scout
08/31/2010 21:36

My summer was awesome! I went camping to Lake Kachess with 2 other families. We we were there for 3 days and 2 nights. While we were there we went fishing but we didn't catch anything. At night we all sat around the campfire and listened to my dad tell us a scary story.After that we went strait to bed.Then the next day we went swimming for like 2 hours. It was so much fun. The next day we went back home and we were happy that we would get to sleep on our beds that night.

09/01/2010 20:36

One of my favorite things that says summer to me is going to the Wild Waves theme park. My grandma and grandpa take me, my sister, and my mom. We usally go in the week so unfortunatly my dad can't come. My grandpa, my mom, and I went on this roller coaster called the Timber Hawk. It is a wooden coaster.It had a drop at the start. It isn't a very big drop but you feel like you are going to run into the wood. That roller coaster goes as fast as freeway speeds!Anoter roller coaster I went on was called the Klondike Gold Rusher. That coaster has very sharp turns. It has one or two small drops that tickle your stomach. There is a ride called the Disko Flashback. Its like a half pipe and there is a giant circle. You sit in seats and hold onto handle bars. The giant circle goes up and down the half pipe and the circle spins around at the same time. Those are my top three favorite rides at Wild Waves.

Some of the other things that say summer to me are quad riding, geocaching, swimming and having fun!

09/01/2010 21:29

Miss Acton,
To me summer means having fun, swimming at Rattlesnake Lake, playing sports, and camping. This summer I went to Silverwood and Silver Mountain Resort both in Idaho. Silverwood is a theme park (with rides) and a water park. My favorite ride is the Aftershock. At Sliver Mountain I rode the longest gondola and I swam in the biggest inside water park in Idaho.

As you can see I had a great summer!

09/02/2010 20:02

I had fun this summer. I went to my cabin in Montana and saw all my cousins. We swam in the lake, went on boat rides, caught crawdads and a whole lot more. I like summer because I like to be outside and go rock climbing. I went rock climbing a lot this summer & it was really fun. I liked playing with my friends all day and having campfires at night.

09/02/2010 21:46

I had a great summer. I went to South Dakota with my family and i went to Yellowstone while i was there to. It was fantastic!

09/04/2010 11:59

Miss Acton,
What summer means to me is:
Going camping at Lake Connor Park. Our family owns a campsite. It has a lake and two pools. A toddler and big pool. My brother and I swim in the big pool! Sometimes are grandma and grandpa come too. Our cousins come and play, too. We sleep in a tent. That is how my summer went!!

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