Good Book


This week will be the same as last week -- you will respond to the question by making a new post on the blog page of your website.  Make sure and read other people's blogs this week to see what they wrote!

Question:  What book (children's literature) have you read that you think deserved the Newbery award?  Explain why you think it should have won (think characters, plot, setting, theme...).  Also, include the title of the book and the author so your classmates can find this great book!

This great book can't have actually won the Newbery. Check the list if you're wondering about past winners:
Newbery Winners, 1922 - present
It also can't be one of the 7 books that we are reading for our Newbery project.

Normal rules:

**must be at least 75 words
**use school appropriate language
**include correct usage of capitals and periods

Your response is due by Thursday, 11/18, 10pm.


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