If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go, and why?  Explain your choice using at least two reason/details.

Remember to write at least 50 words, include capitals and periods in the appropriate places and use your screen name with your posting.

Your response is due by Thursday night, 9/23

09/18/2010 10:59

If I could go any where in the world for a vacation, I would go to a private island in the caribbean. I would go there because there would be lots of exotic animals and birds. The big, sunny beaches and green rain forests would be fun to explore and stuff.When scuba diving, there would be lots of bright coral and exotic fish. Thats why I think it would be fun to vacation in the caribbean.

09/19/2010 16:40

I agree with purplepenguin<3r. I too would go to an island in the Caribbean. The reason is because the beautiful fish, plants, coral, and animals that thrive there. And because it is so peaceful. And I would love to go exploring the rainforests and go scuba diving in the colorful reefs where exotic saltwater fish live. It would be amazing to have nature all around you. If I could, then I would climb trees and lay in the sun. And maybe I would like it so much that I would want to live there. If I did that, then I would build a living hut made out of live trees, and then gather sticks to put across the opening, and then gather big live ferns and place them on the stick roof to make the fern roof. I would go to the coral reefs and build/grow a sturdy wall of coral to make a big enclosed area. Then I would take a stick, and gather seaweed to make a net and on the end of the stick I would tie the net onto it. I would wait for the net to dry, then when it was dry I would go to the coral enclosure with my net, and stand in the water outside of the enclosure. I would sprinkle some plants into the water, then wait until some pretty fish that I like come to investigate. Then I would scoop up the fish with my net. I would run over to the enclosure with the fish, then release them into the enclosure. I would do that until I had a school of fish. But I would not be satisfied. I would make a bigger, sturdier net. Then I would go to where the big fish live. A lot of them would be pretty, but I would look for one in particular... a puffer. I would finally find one so I would scoop it up and then race back to the enclosure and dump him in the water. Then I would gather plants to crush up for the big and small schooling fish. Then I would go scuba diving for giant snails for the puffer to eat. When I would gather a net full, I would go back to the enclosure and set the snails free. And the fish would finally let me pet and swim with them. And I would live in peace forever.

09/19/2010 19:34

If I would go anywhere I wanted, I wouldn't do to Disney World or Lego Land. I would go to China because it is SO beautiful. I would tour the Great Wall of China and go sail on the Yangtze River and go scuba diving and explore the water world. Then I would go the the huge Giant Pandas and hold one of the cute baby ones :). I would also have a tour guide to show and tell me about the the amazing Terracotta Warriors. When I need a break from sightseeing I would go eat at a delicious Chinese restaurants and get soup, noodles, chicken, and other good meals. When I feel ready to go sightseeing again I would go the Biggest mall in the world there: the South China Mall outside of Guangzhou, China. After that I would want to go see one of the ancient cites and see the ancient huts. When I'm done with that I would go back to the city and check out the Chinese poetry. When I have the energy I would go trekking in one of their mountains then go see and observe the Suzhou Gardens. To boost my energy level, I would go see one of the Chinese festivals and ooh, and aah, and laugh and have fun. When I calm down enough I'll go tour the palaces there and go the a museum ant tells me about Chinese history. If I am STILL excited from the festival, I and go cheer on the Sumo wrestlers and the Kungfu fighters. Of course I wouldn't do THAT in one day :/

09/20/2010 17:15

Miss Acton,

My dream vacation would be going to the Harry Potter exhibit at Universal Studios in Florida. I want to go there because Harry Potter is one of my favorite books. I would also like to see what the wands really look like. I would like to ride all the magical rides too. The first thing I would like to do when I get there is to go to the wand shop. I would definitely buy a wand. Then I would go on the broomstick ride. I would have a great time!

09/20/2010 18:59

If I hade the choice to go anywhere I would go to Montana an see I robot the creater of roomba and other robots. I would beacuse since thay made roomba maby they would let me create my virshin of it! It would be so cool to disigne a robotic vacuum. Some day I will do the same as I robot and disigne robots. My first idea would be a robotic candy sheller. It would tear off candy wrappers. And maby a robotic fishing pole. So thats where I would go. XD!!!!!

09/21/2010 13:22

If I could go anywhere in the world it would probably be hawaii. I would go to Hawaii because I want to chilax in the sun plus some swimming wouldn't be so bad. Hey I might even get a chance to get good at fishing. But yeah definetly I would go to Hawaii.

09/21/2010 17:01

My dream vacation would be to go on a cruise. I would cruise someplace warm, like the Bahamas, the Caribbean or maybe near Hawaii or Mexico. While on my cruise, I would see pretty oceanic animals when I go snorkeling like humpback whales, dolphins and colorful fish. The best part of my cruise would be that I would have TONS of spending money. I would go to the spa and have a first class room. I could even go knee boarding behind the cruise boat! My cruise would be one month long, so it would be hard to come back home.

09/21/2010 19:18

If I were to go on vacation I would go to Wales because lots of my ancestors lived there as royalty. I would see some of the castles my family lived in and I would love to learn more history about my family. I'd also love to see the channels because the pictures are so beautiful and I want to see them in real life. That is why I would choose to go to Wales for my vacation spot.

09/21/2010 20:14

If i could go anywhere i would go to Disney land because i think it is a great way to spend time with family and friends by doing rides going to cool performinces. I think it would be great.
I would defently go on the rollercoasters if i could.And my friend Rielly could come and we could have so much fun.My parents eould even love to go. I eoulg hope the weather would be good. Well that is my dream VACAITION!!!

09/21/2010 20:18

If I had a choice to go anywhere I would go to the Bahamas. I would go there because the sights(and the resorts). Also cause it has an island feel. I've been wanting to go to the Bahamas for along time. The Bahamas is a great place. Hopefully I get to go there one day.

09/22/2010 17:14

My dream vacation would to go to Italy. I could learn how to talk Italian and to eat fresh GRAPES! I want to go there because my great grandma is from there also I love pasta and in Italy……. well that’s where it’s made. Also a lot of fun games are made there like hopscotch. That’s it.

09/22/2010 19:36

If i could go anywhere and would be the Bahamas. Because its really hot the and lots of water and awesome water slides. (Ive heard theres a sixty foot water slide under water!) So if i could go anywhere in the world thats what it would be. The Bahamas.

09/22/2010 20:30

Miss Acton,
I would go to Kauai, Hawaii because it is warm and tropical. I would also want to go to Hawaii because I like to boogie board and there are perfect waves for that! There are lots of beautiful fish so, it's perfect for snorkeling. I also like the spectacular veiws and waterfalls on some of the hikes.

09/22/2010 20:44

I would go to Disneyland for my vacation. I haven't been there before, and I want to go really bad. It would be cool to stay in the hotel there. I don't know about any of the rides except the tower of terror and I heard that ride is pretty scary. I have heard about a ride called the corkscrew. My friend told me that the corkskrew is super fun, and I might go on that ride. My dad said that we might go to Disneyland this spring. I hope we get to go!

09/23/2010 07:54

If I could go anywhere I would go to Legoland in California because I love Legos! I would bring my money and go to the Lego store there and then I would go on a whole bunch of rides. You can get really rare Legos there and and there are cool sculptures and sometimes there can be a miniland - that's where there are these houses and airports that people work on for years.

09/23/2010 17:44

Miss Acton,
If I got to chose my vacation
I would go to: Hollywood!
so I could go to Universal Studio and ride
the rides! I could go shopping and meet the movie stars! I would want to stay in a hotel for 2 months. I would go swimming everyday! That my dream vacation!

09/23/2010 17:55

I would like to fly frist class to Australia.I would like to stay at a 5 star resort.Where people let you feed the koala bears,eucylyptis leaves.The resort will have a waterslide.You can eat at a alcove in the pool.You can also take a zipline tour through the jungle.

09/23/2010 21:23

My dream vacation would probably be going to Hawaii.Most of my frieds have already been to Hawaii and I've never been there so thats one of the reasons why I would like to go to Hawaii. I would also like to go to Hawaii because I really like the beach and I want to see the beach there at least one time.Thats wyy I would like to go to Hawaii.

09/23/2010 21:31

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Paris, France because I want to see the Eiffel Tower and the many diffrent sites that Paris has. My other reason is because I would like to try the diffrent foods they have, such as, the truffles called "black diamonds", which are one of the most famous and expensive luxury foods in France.

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