Okay, back to normal this week. You will post a reply on the blog page of your website.

Topic:  Book Reviews.  I know what you're thinking -- aren't we done with this? Nope!!  I'm hoping that some of you have already read some reviews by your classmates, but if not, now is your chance.  What I was most excited about while I was reading the reviews was the variety of books.  There were SO many books that I hadn't read, or even heard of before.  So...This week, you are to read as many reviews as you can, and write on your blog about 3 books that interest you and why.   Remember to use screen names, not real names, and underline the titles of books.  

Normal rules:

**must be at least 75 words
**use school appropriate language
**include correct usage of capitals and periods

Your response is due by Thursday, 2/3, 10pm.


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