This week we spent some time apart from each other as a class, and because of that had some different experiences. Fifth graders went to camp, and fourth graders had what I understand was a fun and quiet class here at Opstad. Then we were all back for Walk-a-thon.

This week's question is:  What is the best thing that happened to you this week?

Explain your answer using capitals, periods and at least 50 words.  Remember to use your screen name when you post.

Your response is due by Thursday, 10/7.

10/01/2010 14:25

My favorite thing(more like things) was when the 5th graders were gone and in the class it was just quiet 4th graders and a substitute. The sub- Mrs. Harbachuk was very nice but with the people in my table, things were funnier than ever ;-D!! In class we made a couplet poem(a couplet poem is a poem with two lines and rhymes) about the months. Here is some poems people made:
March~ March really,really rocks,
Lets go search for shamrocks!
July~ July is the time for a firework
And the time to skip work!
October~ October is the time for candy
Come on, lets go and spook Andy!
November~ November is the time to kill the turkey
The turkey said "I don't want to be beef jerky!"
December~Do you like presents? I do hurray!
I think Santa might be comin` your way!
We also studied about Washington`s symbols and regions. I had a lot of fun with the sub. She let us have free time and accidentally let us out to recess 5 minutes early!

10/03/2010 16:30

Miss Acton,
Last week was sooo quiet!
Mrs.Harbachak was super nice and all we
had to do is color,s.s, and make cards!
It was so cool.If we had extra time we
would play games.The playground was basically emty and we got a longer recess.
It was such a small class.It was lonely with out you.It was such a long week.The best pat was not having homework!:):)

10/04/2010 16:39

My favorite thing about last week was that everything was so quiet. Mrs. Harbachuk was so nice too.:) We got to read until 3:21pm. I enjoyed that because I love reading. We got to make an awsome WELCOME BACK poster for the teacher and the fifth graders. They really enjoyed that. We also got to make cards for them too.(Them being Miss.Acton and 5th graders)We got to work on poetry, which I love!

10/04/2010 17:28

Miss Acton,

I really liked only having a little bit of home work. It was really nice. I did my reading really fast. The book I am reading is Percy Jackson & Olympians, The Lightening Thief. It is a very good book. There is a lot of action in it and fighting. There also is a whole lot of Greek mythology in it. I think it is very interesting because there are a lot of beasts. The beasts are very deadly and dangerous. The Minotaur is 17 feet tall and has huge muscles.

I’m very excited to read tonight!

10/04/2010 18:47

The best thing about last week was having the 5th graders come back from camp because it was so quiet and unusual and I really missed them. I was the only one at my table and I was really lonely until my friend came and sat next to me. Even though when the 5th graders were gone and it was so quiet and peaceful, I still really missed them.

10/05/2010 11:41

The best thing tha happed to my is i went to camp and had a awesome time.I had so much fun at camp and my counsler was really nice to us.My favorite thing was archery and squid.I got to see all the squid parts and i named him Bobby.

10/05/2010 14:14

The best thing that happend last week was on the weekend we got to go to the gorge and see Jack Johnson it was awesome. We stayed for three days in a RV. Wr had so much fun. The concert had a bunch of awesome lights. It was so cool. I went with my aunt and uncle and my dad and some of there friends. My weeekend was amazing. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

10/05/2010 19:08

The best thing that happened last week was really nothing. It was quite boring.I guess I did something that was somewhat exciting last week. I do band so I figured out how to do this song called "A tiskit a taskit" and I'm the only one in band that can do that song!

10/05/2010 19:21

The best thing that ever happened to me this week was that I am getting my room painted green! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excided. I also hope that my mom will let me paint. I really like the rollers! (on the 5 of October) and now my room is so lonely all I have in my room is a dresser and my bed! Well I am pretty sure my hamster loves it. And all thanks to

10/05/2010 20:29

The best thing that happened to me last week was going to Camp Seymore. My favorite classes were squid dissecting,boating,and marine biology. I also liked archery. One of the cool things that we did was the night hike. There was these little alge in the water that glowed/blinked when you moved/splashed the water. It was so cool!!!

10/06/2010 17:56

My favorite thing about this week was having my freind John come over to stay until 9:00! It was so fun! We had a nerf war...and I won! We also played about an hour with legos. Then we watched a quite long and quite exiteing movie called: THE LEGEND REBORN! I had watched it befor.Althoe that was a very long time ago.

10/06/2010 19:17

The best thing that happend when the 5th graders were gone was at speciles. Beaceuse it was much QUITE :]! In pe senice only half of the class were gone we played kick ball we won 40 to 28 and in music we earned 2 stars in library it was so cool! So that's what the best thing was XD!!!!!!

10/06/2010 19:59

My best thing this week was my soccer game on Saturday. It was our first game that we won. I played forward most of the time & almost made a goal. The final score was five to three. We played really good as a team and lots of people cheered for us.

10/06/2010 21:17

Miss Acton,
This week I thought the best thing that happened to me was the walk-a-thon. I think that was the best because I really like school activities and it was just a great day to do it because it was so sunny! It was also good to have the fifth graders back so there was full class again. :)

Red Dawn
10/07/2010 14:16

My favorite thing from last week is camp seymour. I agree with purplepenguin3<r the night hike was AWESOME!! I had the best sense of smell in my group. camp seymour was a all around great experience I totally loved it. Camp Seymour was defenenetly the best thing the best thing that happened last week I know I misspelled definently.

10/07/2010 14:20

Last week I had a sleep over with my friend Shelby. she mite move to Califorina so i'm preatty sad. She has boxes all over in her room. we packed three or four boxs. Since she had so many boxes, we made a box house. After that we went to bed and we played on her ipod touch. Then we fell asleep and woke up and had waffles and smoothies.

10/07/2010 16:24

My favorite thing was having such a quiet class last week. I also liked having a small class. Miss Harbuchuk was so nice. She was our substitute teacher. She gave us fun math to do.I liked learnig about Washinton. We learned about the Washington state symbols. We also learned about the states regions.

10/07/2010 16:47

The best thing that happened to me this week was the trip to camp semour.My favorite activity at camp was the boating and I loved the rock wall thats what I did for rec time and I loved the counselor and the girls that I got to be with in my cabin.

10/07/2010 20:59

The best thing that I did last week was Camp Seymour. It was great because I got away from the 4th graders.(Some of the 4th graders I missed.) My counslor was Olivia.(Dawson's sister.) My favorite rec. time activities were archey and reptiles. All in all I had a great time at camp.:)

10/07/2010 21:52

The best thing that happened last week was my soccer game. The score at the end was 4-3 because we scored a goal on the last second! We had Sunny D and cookies at the end. It was also Marco's birthday so he got a cupcake piled wth chocolate frosting. My friends on the teaqm are Olano, J.L, Haden, Sam C, Sam C, Justin, and Marco. Derek is also my friend. Our team is called the "Thunder bolts."

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