Here's the first blog of the year.  You will all have the opportunity to start your own posts, and respond to the posts of others. For our first topic, let's talk about summer. What says summer to you?  One thing that I love about summer is the fresh food that is available at Farmer's Markets and even our normal grocery stores. I love donut peaches (the small flat ones), avocados, watermelons, and lemonade.  I wait all year for these treats, and I know it is summer when I get to enjoy them! What says summer to you? Write your answer using at least 50 words. :) 

In order to respond, you'll need an email address, though it isn't published on the screen. Make sure and ask your family if it is okay to use yours or if you can borrow one of theirs. You also need to have a screen name.  We'll talk about screen names more in class, but for now pick something that isn't your actual name, but something that you can remember.  For instance, I might pick something like  pinksnowflake.  It doesn't reveal anything personal about me, but I will remember that it's mine because I like pink and snowflakes.