This week you did some brainstorming about who your alter ego would be. Describe two of the characteristics and why they are opposite to who you are.  You'll be writing a lot more in class -- this is just a preview of the topic.

Remember to write at least 50 words, include capitals and periods, and use the screen name you chose in class this week. 

09/03/2010 17:39

My Alter Ego would probably be very daring and zany, therefore I on the other hand tend to be more mellow and easy going. Another thing about my alter ego is that he would be an orphan. No aunts,uncles,cousins,grandparents... you get the point. I, have a HUGE family. Over 100 aunts and uncles & over 150 cousins :O!!!!!!!!

09/03/2010 18:20

One of the opposites of me is mean. I love helping people with problems and i don't boss people people around. I am just a nice caring person.
Another opposite of me is shy. I love meeting knew people and talking about school and stuff like that. I also like meeting awesome teachers like you Miss Acton.

09/05/2010 13:20

My alter ego would be obnoxious and annoying, and super good at sports. I really don't do much sports at all, and I'm not that good at all but I can run fast. She would have lots of brothers and sisters, like seven of them about my age. She would dislike my most favorite thing ever, brussle sprouts!

soccer scout
09/06/2010 20:18

My alter ego would be someone that is really mean to everyone and likes to hurt everyone's feelings.
Me on the other hand is really kind to everyone and always tries to make people feel good about themselves and not hurt their feelings because I know what it feels like to have someone hurt your feelings and laugh at you. That's why I would never hurt anyone's feelings

09/07/2010 16:04

My alter ego would be mean. I would boss people around and bully them. I would also call them names and pick on them every chance I get. But I am too nice to do any of that. Another alter ego would be black, long, wavy hair. Blue eyes and loads of freckles. I would be "fun size" meaning short and small.

09/08/2010 20:03

My alter ego would be crazy. He would be really daring too. He would go sky diving and parachuting. He would do really crazy tricks on bikes, skateboards, and snowboards.He is opposite from me because I don't skateboard anymore, but I bike ride. I don't snowboard either. If I did skateboard and snowboard, I woundn't do crazy tricks. I woundn't do stunts on bikes either.I tend to be more mellow.

09/08/2010 21:44

Miss Acton,
My alter ego would be EVIL! He hates all sports and likes to paint his fingernails! He is not smart at all and hates doing math. He's three feet five inches tall and weighs one hundred sixty pounds. He has Justin Beiber hair that is brown and a unibrow from ear to ear. He is very, very mean to people and doesn't like to share.

09/09/2010 18:10

My alter ego will be mean and bossy. She will hurt everyone and boss everyone around. She'll make fun of people. Hates to help out. Me on the other hand, I'm nice, and not bossy. I don't make fun of people or hurt people's feeling. I try to help as much as I can.

09/09/2010 19:41

My alter ego is always grumpy she doesn’t like the outdoors she loves bunnies. Her favorite color is purple. She has a mom and dad. And she is an only child. She has a goat for a pet. I am the opposite of her. I’m always happy and I love adventure. My favorite animal is a hamster. My favorite color is green. I have a mom and a dad. I have a sister too. I have a cat and a hamster.

09/09/2010 20:26

Miss Acton,
My alter ego would be mean and have a dislike of sports. I am a nice person and I love everyone. I love playing softball and soccer. My alter ego bosses people around. she also dosen't like helping people.I am a very nice person. I think I wouldn't have a lot of friends.I don't think I would be happy.

09/09/2010 21:01

My alter ego is a sort of "silent type". He is nice and has brown skin, blue eyes, blonde hair and he wears blue, purple, and green colors. He likes to explore, but is kind of shy. He has travelled to Africa and gone on a safari in the savanna. He has also been to Italy, France (and seen the Eiffel Tower) and Mexico. He also likes to watch TV. His favorite show is Sponge Bob (personally, I don't like that show). He has lots of friends and is fun to be around. He likes to read (so do I). I think if we met we would be good friends.

09/09/2010 21:03

My alter ego would live with my step mom, dad, three sisters,two dogs, and a bunny. This would be diffrent because my family is my step mom, dad, two brothers, one sister, and a dog named Spice. My alter ego would not like volleyball, reading, and night time because I like those things. I don't like bugs and mornings so my alter ego does.

09/10/2010 14:24

Well,my alter ego would be pretty short and she would have ruler straight blonde hair and LOVE pink. She would stay up till 4:00 every night playing video games.She would have a crazy amount of family, and she would own a chinchilla named Humphfrey or Harold or somthing. Every morning she gets up at 6:00 but is really tired because she only slept 2 hours. She doesn't care.

09/10/2010 17:08

my alter ego would be a jerky 19-year old juvenile delinqent. She would've been held back like a billion times. Also she would'nt have any family at all zero only a golden retreiver and a ferret. My alter ego would also be the biggest bully in school. As you can see my alter ego isn't exactly the nicest person you could meet.

09/15/2010 17:00

My alter ego would have light brown hair,and green eyes. She would be a math major and a science major.She would be a very obedient girl and always do what people tell her to do.She would be very nice like me, and wouldn't be very good at sports and drawing.That's basically what my alter ego would be.

09/15/2010 20:05

My alter ego would be a girl. That would be the opposite of me. She would be one foot tall and have blond straight hair. She would have blue eyes and she would be mean to everybody. She would not be smart or very fast. She would not like riding her bike or playing soccer. She would to eat tomatoes and play football all the time. That is what my alter ego would be like.

09/16/2010 11:36

My alter ago would be a popluar and would be mean to everyone.Her favorite colors are red and pink.She would have a small family only a hamster named milo,a mom and a dad.Me on the other hand i am nice and love animals.I have a big family and have a brother,a mom a dad and lots of friends.

09/16/2010 11:41

My alter ego would be basicly my opposite. I have red hair and blue eyes he would have red eyes and blue hair. I know it would be weird and he would have I have dull teeth and he would have sharp teeth weird huh? this is my alter ego. XD!!!!!!!

09/16/2010 15:59

My alter ego is bacicly opposite than me. His name is Spok. He's hort and has red hair that is long. He still likes the same food as me. Like pizza at school. Spok is in middle school and has 4 friends sam, zach, fred and eddy. This my alter ego.

09/16/2010 20:27

my alter ego has curly blonde hair, and her name is Zoey. She has zero pets and she loves the colors pink and purple. She doesn't like animals that much and she has 2 sisters. She also has green eyes, freckles, and braces. That is how my alter ego would be.

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