After we come back from break I will be sending a permission slip home for a field trip to Seattle on March 7th.  Seattle Symphony provides a free concert for 5th graders, and traditionally, we have paired that with a trip to Pike Place Market. The Symphony is an amazing opportunity for the kids, but what they really love is the trip to the Market. Many of them have never been, and they love exploring -- the gum wall, the pig, the shops, flying fish...All of it!  We are going to need 6 chaperones to join us. We will leave Opstad at 9:30, and have about an hour to explore the Market (the kids are allowed to bring a few dollars for shopping). Then we will eat a sack lunch on the Harbor Steps, and be ready for the 12:15 show at Benaroya. We should arrive back at Opstad by 2pm.  The only hitch is that there usually isn't room for all the chaperones inside Benaroya. The Symphony is passionate about seating as many 5th graders as possible and doesn't provide us with enough seats for all parents.  Chaperones can either stand in the back, or take a break from us and grab a cup of coffee.  :)  So...anyone interested? Please email me directly (instead of leaving a comment) if you can join us (remember you need to be an approved volunteer). Thanks for considering!

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