This week the blogs are new; I'm so excited. In the past our blogs have been driven by a prompt of my choosing.   It's always bothered me that these are not really blogs. Blogs are typically written by someone who is an expert in their field. The blogs I follow are mostly centered on one topic -- classroom technology, art, baking etc.  Last week, your students turned in proposals for their own blogs.  Topics ranged from sports, to gaming, to reading and writing.  Their first blog in this new style is due on Friday.  Although the kids don't know it yet, we will be sharing our blogs with some 3rd grade classrooms. Please remind your kids of our blog "rules":

Normal "rules" apply:
**use school appropriate language
**use correct spelling
**include capitals and periods
**include at least 100 words!

We reviewed password information on Friday, so everyone should be ready to go!  The kids also have a Weebly app on their school iPad, and could work on it there if they end up with some extra time.

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