I'm not very political, but I love an election!  During the last presidential election one of my teacher friends and I huddled around the tv watching the votes come in and color coding a map at the same time --- nerdy, right?  :) It is truly one of my favorite topics to teach.

Today we started our work on the election.  We used iPods to determine the population of each state and the number of electoral votes for each. At the end, we made two determinations:
  • electoral votes are tied to population not state size
  • 3 is the lowest amount of electoral votes a state can have

During the rest of the week we will learn about the magic 270 number and begin some research about the trends that certain states have.  If you have an iPad, the app 270 to Win is a good one!  And just for your peace of mind, please know that e are learning about the election from purely a process standpoint -- we aren't talking candidates at all



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