If diasaster seems like too strong a word, here are the stats from last week's homework (due on Friday, 1/18).

Science Packet: 66% turned in
IXL:  47% turned in
Blog: 62% turned in
Reading Log: 75% turned in

As I told the kids, what I am asking them to do this year is quite small in comparison to what 6th grade will ask.  Now is the time to get in a routine! Please check in with your student about homework - most of them still need a bit of guidance and structure.


J. Rule
01/28/2013 6:14am

Do these statistics include incomplete work, or only work that's missing?

01/28/2013 8:50am

Incomplete work is counted as missing -- they don't get credit for it. So the % turned in only accounts for work turned in on time and fully completed.


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