In lieu of science or spelling this week your kids are bringing home a really fun election activity.  We have been looking at the voting trends for each state in previous presidential elections. Using that information we have been making predictions about how each state will vote. The map is mostly complete except for about 11 battleground states. The homework this weekend (due Wed) is to determine which way they think those states will go. I have a few links on our website, but they are news sites. I asked that your kids ask before logging on to them as they are not kid sites, but political sites. I also asked that they get some feedback from you -- which way do you think Florida will vote?  This is strictly a numbers and process game for us. We haven't talked about what the parties believe, what the issues are, or who we should vote for.  What I'm expecting to happen is that students will bring back to school a variety of situations that good happen in the election. It will be so fun to see what actually happens! If you have an iPod or iPad, you may want to check out the app 270toWin.  I'm not very political, but the history collected in this one place has been extremely fun to look through. I think it's 99 cents, but I can't be sure!

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