I will admit that I was nervous this morning! But then again, I'm nervous every year!  As it turns out, this was one of the most fabulous starts I've had to a school year.   I hope your kids felt the same way.

I included some pictures on our "Photos" page that I was able to take this morning.  You will need the same password as your kids used to get in to the Student Blog.

First Day Photos

There is a shot of our "get to know you" activity which used a ball of yarn. Each child said one thing about themselves and then tossed the ball to another person, while keeping a hold of a piece. What we ended up with was, as you can imagine, a tangled mess! From there we were able to talk about being respectful, responsible and safe, while we are together this year. The visual of the web that connected us all was amazing!

Another awesome thing we did today was use QR Codes and iPods. My students from last year created webpages that included tips on how things work in the classroom -- bathroom check-out, turn-in basket, binders etc.  They also made QR Codes that connected to each web page. Your kids used iPod touches to interact with the codes and learn about the classroom. Such fun!

We also did some math, some art and some reading.  Such a positive start!!
Hopefully I will get to meet most of you this afternoon at Meet the Teacher! Before you come, or sometime this week, it would be helpful if you could complete this form:

Meet the Teacher Form

It's very short and should only take a minute or so. Thank you!
Welcome Back! We have just finished some exciting technology and math training, and we're ready for your kids!!  I thought those of you perusing things early could use two helpful links. 
The first is to the school supply list.  I know it's a lot of stuff.
It would be helpful to have the binder and dividers and an unread chapter book
on the first day. Your kids are welcome to bring supplies to Meet the Teacher, or they can bring them the first day. 

The second link is to our Camp Seymour site.  Under the documents part is a
preview of upcoming forms. We haven't completely edited them yet, so please
don't fill out and return them just yet! 

More to come!  See you soon.