Permission slips are coming home today for our field trip on Monday' we will be visiting TFMS.  We are leaving after lunch and will be back before afternoon recess. The trip is designed to both add some excitement and quell some fears. We usually get a tour of the school by one of the 6th grade teachers and also have some time to ask questions.  PTA is picking up the cost of the bus, so the trip is free. I'd like permission slips back by Thursday, and Friday at the latest.

Also on the same topic, the Mrs. Moen and Mr. Barber from TFMS will be here for about 45 minutes on Friday. They will explain a lot about schedules and choices and answer some questions. I believe the kids will come home on Friday with their exploratory paper. outlining their choices for next year.  I will let you know more about that after Friday.

Exciting times! Mr. Bates is also doing some lessons with the kids about middle school and being ready. When he was in last week, none of the kids indicated they were nervous; I doubt that is truly the case.  Now is a good time to start asking questions of your kids and find out what their worries really are; we can answer some of the questions or we can find out the answer. It's also a good time for middle school stories from you -- the kind that end well, not the crying in the bathroom, someone stole my gym shoes ones. :)

As we get more paperwork and transition dates, I will let you know!
Thank you so much for all the flowers and coffee and chocolate last week - you are all so sweet! I feel lucky to be doing this job, and especially lucky this job to have such a great class. Thank you for your kindness!