This morning Mrs. Moen and Mr. Barber came and talked with the kids about being 6th graders at TFMS next year.  They talked about core classes, electives and clubs (among other things). The kids are pretty jazzed.  Having known some of them since beginning of 4th grade (or longer!), it's amazing to see them at this point. I imagine it's even more amazing from your perspective. 

The packet that they were given contains a lot of information, but one important piece is due back on Friday, 5/18.  This sheet is their elective choice -- band/choir or art/tech (I think I have that right...). The paper needs to be signed by both you and your student.  I encouraged the kids to bring it back before Friday so they aren't late wtih their first middle school assignment!

There's also information about a parent night on 5/31. I would recommend trying to make that meeting if you can. Twin Falls does a great job transitioning our kids to middle school, and events like these are where you can get information first hand and get any questions answered. 

If you have questions, I may not know the answers, but I can probably find out fast! Please let me know how I can help!

Carrie Puntillo
05/14/2012 08:45

Thank you! I'd like to find out some more information about Art/Tech option. Any suggetions who I should call?


05/14/2012 09:43

Hmmm... I'm not sure. I thought maybe there was contact information in the packet, but I just saw that there wasn't. I would start with trying the counselor, John Coulon.


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