Do you feel like you hear that every year?  :)  Since I have done the 3rd to 4th to 5th grade circuit, I know that multiplication rears its ugly head every year.  I'm mostly just kidding -- I'm a math nerd at heart, and love multiplication. It's actually the first thing as a child (in 3rd grade) that I remember just "getting".  The teacher told us to just memorize the facts, and I felt relieved.  There was no figuring, just remembering.  Third grade is when the theory behind multiplication is introduced, and fourth grade is where it is supposed to be mastered. By fifth grade, it is just an assumed skill. This week we are reviewing all parts of multiplication (multiplying by 10s, estimating, multiplying by one number, by two numbers and beyond).  What I have noticed is that there are still a few kiddos out there that need to memorize their facts. Most every step from here on out relies on multiplication. We will be starting weekly timed tests to try and get kids up to speed. While there is a section of the awards ceremony at the end of the year for math timings, the main focus is on personal growth.  We will be graphing results and setting goals.  It's not too late to pull out the flash cards and increase that math fluency!
Happy Multiplying,


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