It rolls this way every year after Spring Break...MSP testing is right around the corner! The 5th graders have a new opportunity this year to take parts of the test online.  The Reading and Math portions will be online while the Science portion will be "old fashioned" paper and pencil.  Today we had an opportunity to begin looking at the online practice test.  We did two portions today (both reading) that gave the kids a chance to get familiar with the format. The test itself has many tools that the kids can access during the test:  highlighter, line reader (to track while reading), flag (to come back to a question), magnifier and cross out (to eliminate an answer).  These kids are so tech savvy that they took to the format right away!  Before the testing, the students will have at least two more chances to practice using the tools. 

Since we are using the computer lab, the testing schedule is slightly different for each class. Here's our schedule:

Reading:  April 30th
Science:  May 8th
Math: May 9th

I always like to have a snack for the kids on testing days. If you are able to provide a snack or beverage on one of those days, we would be grateful!  The snacks should be healthy, not sugary (fruit, crackers, cheese etc.), and of course, nut free.  We have 24 students in the class.  I'm not exactly sure how it's going to work on computer days, but I will figure it out! Let me know if you can help out!

Carrie Puntillo
04/11/2012 17:15

Thanks for the update and MSP schedule. Please let us know if there is anything we can be doing at home to prepare for the MSP tests.

I would be happy to bring cheese, crackers and juice on May 9th.

~Carrie Puntillo


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