I handed back the multiplication math test this afternoon. On our assignment calendars we also wrote a reminder to share the test with our families... If you haven't seen it, please start asking your student! 

On the front with the break down of the skills from the test, I included the IXL skill numbers so that you have a focused place to practice.  These would also be good skills for your student to come back to in a few weeks to practice.  

We are supplementing our math program with IXL, and I hope you will make use of it at home!  We are going to try and go to the lab once a week at least for IXL, but it will be more impactful if you can allow your kids some computer time at home. I am keeping an ongoing list if skills we have already worked on in class:

IXL Mastery List

These would be good choices if your child is working at home.  If your child doesn't have other classwork/homework to finish at night (like the Social Studies paper or camp story tonight), this would be a good way to spend 20 minutes or so.  


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