Due to a very generous donation from an Opstad family, we now have school-wide access to ixl.com.  If you were in my class as a 4th grader, this is the site we used towards the end of the year. I'm very excited about the possibilities it provides for practice on current content, re-teaching and enrichment. The site offers grade level practice for Pre-K through 8th grade.  We will use it at school, but it is also a resource for you at home.  If you would like suggestions for your kids to practice, I would be glad to provide that!

We will look at the site tomorrow (Friday, 10/7)  as a class so they can see how it works, and students will come home with a pink sheet that provides their username and password. In case the page gets lost  :) here is the information:

username:  zero followed by their 6 digit school  ID (lunch and library number)
password:  opstad

One of the things we will talk about in class Friday is the need for paper and pencil (or whiteboard and marker) to do the work on.  Without a resource to write on, students will be more apt to guess. 

It would be great to sit down with your student and look at the site together. We will do this Friday, but purposely put in a wrong answer so you can see the explanation.  That is one of my favorite features!

If you have younger kids at school, their username password will follow the same pattern once the teacher activates the account. 


Carrie Puntillo
10/12/2011 14:38

That's fantastic!! Thank you!


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