It's up! Under "Homework" is a tab called "Assignment Checklist". You can see what assignments have been due so far this week, and what your child has turned in. The only "hard" part is that you have to know your child's screenname. :) If they won't divulge this information, shoot me and email and I will let you know.  I won't look at the reading logs until Wednesday night or so. In regards to this week's blog (Anticipating Camp) it only counts if it has at least 50 words, and mostly proper usage of capitals and periods.  This week is just practice, and after camp we will start keeping track for real!

Thanks for helping your kids be organized!
Today we had out first session with our first grade buddies. The fifth graders did a get-to-know-you activity with their buddy and then helped them learn how to log on to the computers in the lab.  It was so cute!!   Your fifth graders are so awesome! The way they were talking with the first graders and encouraging them in the lab was just precious. They did a great job, and I'm looking forward for more opportunities for us to meet with the littler kids.

Week One


We've had a little more than a week together as a class, and I think things are going great. It's a great group, and I can tell we are going to have a fantastic year together.
After we got through the beginning of the year stuff, we jumped right in to curriculum!  The math units in 5th grade are quite short, so it is easy to get through one in about two weeks.  We will be having our first math test on Friday (9/9).  Our unit focused on place value of whole numbers to the billions, and decimals to the millionths.  Students should be able to say and write numbers, use inequalities to order them, and list numbers from least to greatest.  I sent a review packet home today that should help students to see if they are ready for the test. The answers for the packet are here.

On the Homework page of our website is a link to practice spelling words. The 5th grade team decided to use 5th grade high frequency words this year for our spelling. These are words that 5th graders are most likely to say and write in their deaily life.  They may seem easy, but they are the most important words to get right.

Of course we will go over many more curriculum details at next week's Curriculum Night, but I hope this helps for now! Please feel free to email me with any questions.