Great First Day!


We had a great first day. Well at least I did! It looked like everyone got off to a good start. I know this will change, but they were all so quiet this morning! I practically begged them to chat with each other as they were finishing a get-to-know-you activity. I'm sure as they get to know one another I'll have trouble stopping all the chatting. :)  

They all should have come home with Assignment Calendars today. Along with their binder, this should go home and come back every day. Today in their calendar they should have reminders about the following four items:
patrol application (due 9/2)
$4 for assignment calendar
picture for Guess Who paper (can be emailed to me)
front page of the handbook

Thanks for getting them all ready for a great start.  Seems like it's going to be a really good year!



I thought those of you perusing things early could use two helpful links. 

 The first is to the school supply list.  I know it's a lot of stuff. It would be helpful to have the binder and dividers and an unread chapter book on the first day. You are welcome to bring all your supplies to put in your desk at Meet the Teacher.  

The second link is to our Camp Seymour site. Last year's 5th grade video is posted there, which has some pictures from camp. Under the documents part is a preview of upcoming forms. We haven't completely edited them yet, so please don't fill out and return them just yet!  

More to come!